Keep Your
Feathers Dry


Keep Your Feathers Dry chronicles a recent personal experience of choreographer Sumi Clements, and aims to simulate this emotional journey for its viewers. The piece explores a story of heartbreak complicated by war. The three sections reflect an emotional trajectory, from confusion and despair, into the slightly deranged, leveling off into an emotionless precipice. While the story is a personal one, at the heart of Keep Your Feathers Dry is the universal question: Where do I go from here? How do we react to the great upsets of life, and what must we do in order to endure, fight and heal.

Choreographed by: Sumi Clements
Dancers: Sumi Clements, Angela Curotto, Cat De Angelis, Sarah Holmes, Allie Lochary,
Julie McMillan, Erin Okayama, Kristin Schwab, Yohta Tsagri, Taryn Vander Hoop
Music: Moby, Four Tet, eDIT, Blockhead, and original composition by Kyle Olson