Deep End


Deep End casts its audience into the depths of a fishbowl, imagined anew and harboring the (illustrious yet) formidable New York City. Drawing upon this metaphor, the work explores the ideas of confinement, self-awareness, co-habitation in an environment constantly in flux, and the insatiable quest to achieve. Seen through the female perspective, ten women transform the stage into a myriad world in which failure and success are fundamentally equal in a place whose inhabitants seem to ignore the futility of it all.

Choreographed by: Sumi Clements
Dancers: Kelsey Berry, Sumi Clements, Angela Curotto, Cat DeAngelis, Allie Lochary, Amber Morgan, Julie McMillan, Erin Okayama, Kristin Schwab, Taryn Vander Hoop, Megan Wubbenhorst
Music: “The Broken Places” by Moby, “Before the People” by The Black Heart Procession and original composition by Kyle Olson