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Deep End is Getting… Deeper

I have two favorite moments in the creation of a new work. First, I love the very beginning of the process, where everything is new movement, sometimes hilarious experiments, and grand conceptual conversations about topics the piece could possibly address. In this stage, the movement is fresh and the possibilities are limitless. Certainly there’s a

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Happy New Year from Summation Dance! For us, the beginning of 2012 meantime revisiting 2011. Our first rehearsal back in January was spent remounting Fortitudine, the first section of Keep Your Feathers Dry, which premiered almost a year ago. We’re bringing it back in just a couple weeks for the Tisch Alumni Show. It may

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Dancing Literate Project Recap!

Every student of dance history can expect to learn about the creation of Judson Dance Theater at some point in their education. JDT was comprised of a collection of dancers who studied under Robert Ellis Dunn in the early 60’s, and whose experimentation with pedestrian movement concepts caused huge paradigm shifts within the dance world.

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Dance Education Laboratory Facilitator Training!

Sumi and I have been selected to participate in Dance Education Laboratory‘s (DEL) Facilitator Training!  If you are unfamiliar with DEL, but believe that every child is entitled to receiving dance education from a certified dance educator, then please check out this organization!  DEL is a professional development program that provides teachers with training to

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