The Bathrobe Poet’s Response to Highway HabitUS!

i smoke kali yuga kush

when i hold, as kids are admonished

by 9th ward mothers,

i instructed, samoan and oakland balack

“hold the weed in your lung you can’t just

blow it out so fast”

sat waiting exhale

red tide on bad november days

close cross boundary as

veil punctures,

then apart again upon


i made a spirit airlines fast break

took cash

stole more

arrived panting in

flat town, many moons

tongue unformed

hobbling drunk and disabled

howling, raging

letting woozy daiquiri heat

melt my skin to those

darker and lighter

fine with dystopia

even finder like grease diner

tasting a new stomach

the wanton murder of red police

laid bare across a

jazzy sky

11/17/17 @bathrobepoet

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