“My parents both grew up in the midwest and then moved to California shortly before I was born. Growing up in school I was embarrassed for people to know that my parents were Republican. Thinking back now, there is something so wrong about that, in California Republican is ‘bad’ and Democrat is ‘good’. It is also interesting that your political identity is engrained in you before you could actually form true opinions (it must have been in elementary school when I remember trying to hide it from my friends). My education and peers have definitely shaped my beliefs, and I appreciate I have my parents to tell me another different educated opinion. I think it is easy to think that Republican and Democrats are polar opposites, but learning from my parents and from my surrounding liberal peers, there is a lot more common ground than one would think. I am still trying to form my own set of political beliefs, but I really respect my parents so I like learning about what they think.”

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