Let’s check in.

Memorial weekend is such a great transition into fresher, warmer, and more energetic times.  It seems like we all reset after the long weekend, whether we went away or simply just rested.  I feel like memorial weekend is always a great time to check back in with our resolutions.  It’s 5 months into the new year and more than likely, we just got caught up shifted gears (or away) from the goals we set at the beginning of the year.

That being said, we know 2 Summation members accomplished what they had their mind and heart set on…

SO, congrats Julie and Taryn on your first half marathon!  Running 13.1 miles isn’t just something we can do all of the time.  But you guys came, saw, and conquered and we are so proud of you.

Do you remember what yours were?  It may be a good time to check back in and see where you are with your goals and resolutions. Maybe they have changed since then.  Maybe new ones have emerged.  Regardless, make sure you keep your head on straight and eye on the prize.  Because

“…good things come to those who hustle.”

11147222_10104257329015407_1208540740772796663_nMindfully yours,

Summation Dance

<– Three limbs up for dancers who run!

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