Hola, Adios!

Summation dance goes abroad… CHECK!

Sumi and Taryn teamed up and took Summation oversees participating in the BIDE Festival 2015 in Spain this May! Travel to beautiful Barcelona and dance all day with other inspiring artists and dancers? Yeah, we’re jealous too.


BIDE or Barcelona International Dance Exchange, is a horizontal platform for artists for learning and exchanging ideas.  Everyday, there were 3-6 “labs” presented by the participating artists which served as a time for creating and exploring new ideas with your peers.  Instead of it being a teacher/student experience though, these labs were completely interactive and collaborative! Each lab become inspiration for every participating artist, whether it was your idea or not!

3So often in NYC and around the world in the dance field, we sign up to study with the masters of the field, which is of course amazing, but there is also so much to learn from your fellow peers and an open platform to collaborate and explore is really freeing.”  – Taryn 


Each participant signed up for 1 full day of labs or 2 half days. But beyond play time in the labs there was, of course, some time for play in Spain. Our world travelers did some sight seeing, hit up the beaches, and drank allll the food and wine.

8“We took long hike down to one of the most stunning beaches in Mallorca. Not a lot of people make it because you have to hike down over some pretty gnarly rocks to arrive at the beach (my camera was a casualty), so it’s really secluded and untouched.”   – Taryn



We are so excited for you to see what inspiring ideas Taryn and Sumi brought back from Spain.  Maybe you’ll even see some pop up in our new piece At The Hour

Until then,
Cheers to new experiences & warm weather!

Adios Mis Amores,


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