Looking back in February.

This past month couples, families and dearest friends celebrated the holiday made for celebrating love.   Summation Dance members, on the other hand, celebrated theirs through the love of dance…

Valentines Day weekend this year marked the first time ever Summation Dance was presented by an outside organization.  It’s been on the “to-do” list for awhile now and so thrilled to finally have the opportunity with the 92StY!  The 92StY, is an organization where many artists call home.  The performances were held in an intimate and open space so inviting, you almost felt like you were a part of the show.

A moment in At the Hour.

The first half of the show we performed Shift, a piece that premiered in 2013.  It’s safe to say that Shift is one of Summation’s strongest pieces.  The energy and focus was incredible the audience was extremely responsive!  This weekend also marked the premiere of the new piece, At the Hour.  “At the Hour is a work-in-progress that will eventually be expanded to full-length for BAM in the fall and we loved all of the feedback we received from a live audience!” Says Sumi.  The new piece features a smaller cast this time around, but no less just as fierce. “At the Hour is strong and full of subtle nuance that lets each dancer shine,” say Taryn.  Taryn wasn’t in the new work-in-progress for this show, but loved being on the other side too, admiring how amazing all of her fellow dancers looked! (And boy did they look ahhhmazing).

AND THIS JUST IN: Taryn WILL be added to At the Hour for BAM!

BAM performance is going to kickass.

Even under terrible and almost unbearable weather circumstances, all 3 shows packed the house at 92StY.  Summation feels so lucky to have such an wonderful following.  The constant and continued support is beyond appreciated and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful and growing Summation family.

So on the weekend of love, we did absolutely feel the love…

Stay tuned for upcoming events and gatherings with Summation!  Hopefully some without snow and warmer weather included…

Warm Wishes,


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