Greet. Sparkle. Boogie. Parade.

If you’re lucky enough to know what all of these words have in common, then you must also be a lover of dance education.  If none of this makes sense to you, then let us catch you up to date…

This year marks the 20th anniversary for Dance Education Lab’s (DEL), an organization who provides extended creative training for dance educators and teachers who want to ‘enrich and sharpen’ their skills.  Two weeks ago Taryn and Sumi were lucky enough to have been the facilitators of DEL’s 20th birthday celebration held at the 92nd Street Y!  It was a pretty big deal.  Over the course of the afternoon, 100 movers of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds (including all the beautiful Summation members) used specific words (I’ll give you one guess which ones those were) that guided and inspired everyone to work together and create one massive 25 minute movement series!  Teaming up with our dynamic duo, Taryn and Sumi, were major modern dance gurus, Kendra Portier, Sidra Bell, and Mike Esperanza.  Talk about a star studded cast!!



At the end of the afternoon the 25 minute collaoration or Movement Sentence Choir, as it was named, was streamedonline for friends, family, and fans to watch live.  Pretty crazy that a 25 minute piece was made in just under two and a half hours.  Neat stuff, if you ask me.  And of course it would not be a birthday celebration without cake and champagne!  We danced it off… right?

The day was an awesome reminder of he roots to why, we as dancers, love this art.  The creative process is a beautiful thing.  And whenyou have the opportunity to share it with that many other creative minds, there’s a magical thing that happens and an energy that radiates across the entire room.  What ever your background, it is a wonderful sensation that can be felt and shared by all.  Summation could not be more grateful to be a part of such a well-respected and inspiring organization that does just this.  We all left that day with a little creative pep in our step.



Hats of to you DEL and the happiest of birthdays.  Here’s to 20 more years of sensational artisitc collaborations.

Beautifully inspired,
Summation Dance


If YOU would like a chance to be artisticly inspired, we would love a chance to share the magic at our show THIS WEEKEND!  And how appropriate on the weekend of love itself.
It is coincidentaly located at the 92 Street Y and you have 3 chances to see us!  There will even be free champagne waiting for you after the performance.

Here are the deets: 
What: Summation Dance performance and champagne toast!
Where: 92 Street Y 
When: Friday, Feb 13: 8pm
              Saturday, Feb 14: 8pm
              Sunday, Feb 15: 3pm
Tickets: Here!

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