3 Week Check-In

Remember those New Years Resolutions we once upon a Decemeber 31st night swore by?Well, now’s about the time where they start to drift farther and father out of our sight… It’s a fact that 75% of people who set resolutions get a little lenient about 3 weeks into the New Year. Whether or not you are still on top of your game, let us all check back in and get into gear!

New Years Resolution: Get outta New York edition.

Plain and simple, Devin wants to travel more!  In the US and outside of the country! 10685576_982989128385292_5023143802696570112_n


Fiiiine, I guess we’ll let you take some time away from Summation to travel… bring back some souvenirs for the family though!


Dani’s resolution is a bit more specific…  She wants to climb to the top of Vermont’s tallest mountain, Mt. Mansfield!  It’s famous for having the outline of a human face!  She’s made it to the “chin” but wants to make it to the peak, aka, the “nose”!




Umm… That sounds AWESOME.  We might have to join you on this one… I mean, come on, you’re making us look bad.


And, if you haven’t made one yet, we think there’s still plenty of time!  Maaaybe supporting one of your favorite arts organizations..? Ah hem…

Keep those eyes on the prize everyone and let’s make 2015 a great one!

Stay warm and safe all you north easterners!
Much Love,


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