New Year Motivation

Every Monday, Summation company members dish out their New Years Resolutions for 2015!  Maybe you can even use this as a little motivation to follow through with YOUR Resolutions… eh?

The first one is a Double Feature! Both Julie AND Taryn want to train and run in a half-marathon!  You go girls.  We will be on the sidelines and at the finishline cheering you on!  Maaaaybe even running along side you…?

unnamedThings are looking up for you in 2015 Julie. Here’s to hoping you run your little heart out!



Looking good Taryn! You make running look easy….


So, let’s all kickass and put those resolutions into drive this year! #mondaymotivation

Is your resolution to support more arts?  Well, Summation can help you achieve that… Get movin’ HERE!


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