Here’s lookin’ at you 2015

pro picThe celebration of a New Year is recognized as closing of one door and opening another.   Well, in in this new 2015 Summation Dance is planning on opening many doors and keeping all the others open.  And we could not be more excited for what’s behind each and everyone one.

This January we are holding our first Young Patrons event!  Many of our donors are young and want to support us, which is why we created a Young Patrons Club! If you are interested in joining, the commitment is light and starts at a minimum monthly contribution of $12.50/month ($150 annual). Growing this group would be of tremendous assistance to Summation this year as we need people who are committed and have a lot of energy to help us spread the word. Your donation helps cover costs of rehearsal space, costumes, production and operations. You’ll also be invited to events throughout the year with the company! The first one will be on Wed, January 28th at The Boilermaker!

February may be cold but Summation is hot on the map!  You can dance with us and other well-known New York artists by participating in Movement Sentence Choir for Dance Education Laboratory’s 20th Anniversary Celebration! The event is FREE and will be live streamed so your friends and family can watch!  So, mark your calendars for Sunday, February 1, from 1:30-5:30 at the 92nd Street Y!  THEN, grab your sweetheart (friends & lovers) and come see again at the 92nd Street Y for an evening of stellar performances by yours truly.  Get your tickets HERE.   The earlier you get them, the cheaper they will be!  Don’t tell your date obviously.

In 2015 Summation will continue participation in the Young Professionals Program through BAM.  Through informative, interactive, and creative meetings with other young professional artists in New York City, we are gaining tools to becoming a more fierce and even better Summation Dance!  All leading up to one kick**s, out of this world, knock your socks off, weekend of performances held at BAM in September, 2015!

Did you know that Summation has a 5 year plan?  We are gearing up to take this ferocity on trips around the world! We hope to share our passion as a company with people from all walks of life.  It will be the biggest thing Summation takes on to date! Our first stop; Spain.  We consider ourselves a pretty strong group of women.  And together, we can stop at nothing.  But, us as a dance company would be nowhere (and go nowhere) without all of you.  It is always the right time to show your support.  Help us get where we are going, whether it be to a rehearsal or Spain.  Or check out our Young Patrons Program (there miiiight be a drink or two on the other end of that one).  You can get involved or donate by clicking Here!

We think 2015 is looking pretty good.  Cheers to new doors opening and cheers to one hell of a new year!


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