Sumi and Dylan reunite on stage!


Dylan Crossman and I were both offered our first New York City gig together seven years ago, and have remained the closest of friends throughout our very different journeys in the dance world. So, when he invited me to be a part of his newest choreographic venture, I was excited to be able to dance alongside each other once again, and to be given the opportunity to do another artist’s work other than my own.

Dylan comes out of the Cunningham lineage, having been a part of the final company before closing, so our aesthetics are not what one would necessarily call similar. However, Dylan and I have always connected on a level that transcends form, so the collaboration seemed both natural and interesting. It is special for me to get to step out of the choreographer’s role and be given the challenge of contributing my voice without dominating, while also processing material not originally generated from my own body. I miss this challenge. I also miss being told what to do. Sometimes there is nothing better.

The rehearsal process was spotty at first, and then very condensed, but what emerged was both exciting to see and thrilling to perform! Working with Dylan and Jason (the other super awesome dancer involved) was a pure treat….and it doesn’t hurt to get a great review in the New York Times!

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