Summation’s New Years Resolutions!

The New Year is a time for reflection and new beginnings… Read some reflections on 2012 and goals for the new year by Summation dancers.

Julie McMillan
I have a few Resolutions (hopefully one will stick).  (1) Run at least four 10k races this year; (2) save money; (3) eat healthy; (4) take more classes!
Some milestones for me in 2012:  (1) promotion at work; (2) moved to a new neighborhood in New York (which included a stressful piano move!); (3) started pseudo long distance running.
What to accomplish in 2013:  simply to live happy and healthy surrounded by loved ones and family.  I trust that everything else will fall into place eventually.


Kelsey Berry
New Years Resolution: Spend less money on yogurt and read amazing books.
2012 Highlights –  I saw Florence and the Machine, Burlesque at the Manhattan Room, the Nutcracker, Sleep No More, and my sister get married: perfect, all of them.
2013 — Determine where my life is going… heavy.


Kristin Schwab
New Years Resolution: I have a few goals in mind, like to start that blog I’ve always thought about doing but never actually did and to eat less carbs. If I resolve to “eat healthy” I’m bound to fail, so I have to concentrate on one aspect for it to be feasible.
In 2012, I moved back to Manhattan for the first time since college and shacked up with my (cue ominous music) boyfriend. Talks about changes! I started taking on new roles at work. And of course, there was lots of dancing with the ladies of Summation.
Yikes, 2013! I’d really like to get published in a magazine outside of the company I work for and maybe start choreographing again—finding something within the realm of all the things I already do and love, but taking those goals a step farther.


Megan Thornburg
My New Years Resolution is to make sure I get to class at least twice a week! Can be a dance, Pilates, yoga, gym etc. In 2012, I got engaged!! Performed with Summation Dance for the first time. Moved into a brand new apartment in Washington Heights. Was privileged enough to dance works of some pretty wonderful people in various NYC spaces. I had a good year! In 2013, I hope to have a fun wedding! 😉 Dance a lot all over NYC and the country. Continue being happy with my life!


Cat De Angelis
My resolution is to turn every small idea into a big reality. I want to turn 2013 into the my most successful year to date.
2012 was all about change- I started a new costume job at the Brearley School, moved in with my loving boyfriend of 3+ years, and started making moves toward creating my own line of designer nailart, restructured vintage tees and homemade liquor.
I want to feel at the end of 2013 that I didn’t shy away from anything because I was afraid. I remained motivated and fought through idleness. This is the year I am going to put everything out there and take advantage of all the resources this incredible city has to offer. In the words of Die Antwoord, my favorite band of 2012, I want to ” fully flex.”


Taryn Vander Hoop
My resolution is to meditate and practice yoga daily, even if only for 5 minutes!
2012 was pretty amazing.  I kicked off last year with a trip to New Mexico with my mom, grandma, and boyfriend, where I stayed in an earthship for the first time and now daydream about living in one someday.  Started a new job that I enjoy, tried a lot of new things: Acro Yoga, Slacklining, Longboarding, and Cross Country Skiing to name a few, discovered that I actually do like blue cheese, went to LA for my first National Dance Education Organization conference, and pulled off two Summation performances! Not too shabby!
Big goals for 2013: Learn to cook, complete my 300-Hour yoga certification, take more dance class and teach more yoga and dance, present at NDEO next year in Miami, spend more time with friends, and most importantly, be present and happy! Oh, and with a little luck, pull off our BAM season successfully!

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