Amber Morgan
Amber jumping on the beaches of Mexico
Amber jumping on the beaches of Mexico

Happy February everyone! I was lucky enough to end January in Zihuatanejo, Mexico on one of the best vacations ever….really, ever. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to top this one. My lovely boyfriend, Jamie, took me to a slice of heaven called Casa Fiesta which most of his 11 siblings have enjoyed visiting for many years. Only 9 of us made the trek out this time. Just imagine this place; 4 floors built into the side of a cliff within a bay off the Pacific. Carefully placed stone stairs lead you to one of 6 perfectly individual master suites (which are the only indoor rooms). The bar is just the perfect distance from the infinity pool: far away enough to avoid spontaneous cannon balls but close enough to exert the least amount of energy to grab a margarita. A wide deck is furnished with pearly white cushioned beach chairs, and within all of this is a perfectly shaded and decorated reading/relaxing/common area. The most unbelievable part of all of this is that it all belonged to us. It’s like vacationing at a 5 star restort that no one else knows about. It’s fully staffed with drivers, chefs, butlers, and bartenders. They even unpack for you! And they’re all so incredibly generous and kind.

The few times we could drag ourselves away from our paradise we shopped in the local village, where people make the most beautiful ceramics and pottery. We kayaked within the bay, mainly in search of migrating whales, (which we caught a glimpse of!) and jumped off rocks and shacks into the crystal clear ocean.  We also visited Casa Fiesta’s neighbor, Allegria, which is an equally impressive hillside compound. Oh, and I can’t forget the time we boated out to our very own beach where the Casa Fiesta staff were waiting for us with a buffet, volleyballs, and a mariachi band!

This vacation was like something I’ve never dreamed about being a part of. It’s a hard reality to leave there and come back to 2 weeks of jury duty. But really, no matter where I am I always miss my dance classes and rehearsals and can’t wait to get back to it!


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