Allie Lochary. Keep Your Feathers Dry, 2011.

Happy New Year from Summation Dance! For us, the beginning of 2012 meantime revisiting 2011. Our first rehearsal back in January was spent remounting Fortitudine, the first section of Keep Your Feathers Dry, which premiered almost a year ago. We’re bringing it back in just a couple weeks for the Tisch Alumni Show. It may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie that is still incredibly exhausting no matter the condition of your stamina.

For me, remounting Fortitudine basically felt like relearning it. I was never a good actress, but I do remember something from acting class…something like you should never try and recreate a performance because each one is going to be different for different reasons. This is great advice to keep in mind for any type of artist performing repertory; a way to keep things fresh.

Enough about old stuff. We’re in go mode as we continue creating our newest evening length piece, Deep End. We look forward to sharing it with you at BAC, March 8-10. Just in case you didn’t get the memo from a newsletter, Facebook, or twitter, tickets just went on sale! Mark it on your calendar folks and buy your tickets today!

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