World Dance Alliance Conference at DTW

Summation Dance in Taryn Vander Hoop's "Hooked." Photo: Yohta Tsagri.

A reconstructed version of Taryn’s latest group work, Hooked, was shown at Dance Theater Workshop on Thursday, July 18th in the World Dance Alliance Festival. Summation Dance had a great time performing and was so honored to be part of such a wonderfully organized and important Festival. A big thank you to WDA for having us–and especially to all of our friends from University of Wisconsin-Madison who worked so hard to make the conference a success!

After the performance, the cast enjoyed cold beers at The Penny Farthing, a new restaurant and bar in the East Village, opened by Derek Kierans–one of Summation Dance’s Special Sponsors. Go grab a drink and check out the restaurant, which features fun cocktails and great snacks!


  1. your performance was one of the highlights for at the WDA. what I do is radically different from you but I appreciated the deadpan-psycho nature of the movement and way of performing, plus the technical skill

  2. Wow! What a great performance! So energetic! Keep it up!

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