Happy Birthday Kelsey & Taryn!

This Friday, Summation will be celebrating Kelsey and Taryn’s birthdays at Phebe’s at 10:30pm.  Come join us for the festivities!  Otherwise, read on to learn some fun birthday trivia about Summation’s two Virgos.


What are your plans for your 23rd?
First and foremost: figure out a plan to stop aging. 23 is a good place to stop, I think.

Realistically: I’m having a picnic in the park with hand-picked cheeses from the Bedford Cheese Shop, taking a long-weekend trip to go sailing in Marblehead, MA, and going out for a steak dinner and to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Zarkana at Radio City. Finally, I am celebrating with my Summation ladies and fellow Virgo, Taryn, at Phebe’s! (My birthdays are complex, decadent affairs)

If I could do anything for my birthday…
I would have a 7 course gourmet meal with my closest friends. In Italy. While wearing diamonds. Maybe this is for an engagement party instead.
Which birthday has been the best, so far?
My 21st – it was the best because my friends proved how well they know me by purchasing a ton of tiny bottles of alcohol for the raucous evening, and then taking me to tea the next day for tiny cakes and crumpets. I love miniature foods 🙂

What was the best present you have ever received?
Homemade fondue in Israel. Thoughtful, tasty, and in a faraway place. OR, clothing.

What’s on your birthday wish list?
Chocolates and a fulfilling year ahead.


What are your plans for your 27th? Eat, drink, and be merry.

What’s the best present you have received?
A Panda Folder from Meryl my freshman year of college.  I was scared I wouldn’t have any friends by my birthday… I remember thinking when she gave me the folder that I definitely had a friend because she gave me a birthday present AND already knew I liked pandas.  Eight years later, we are still friends, living together, and considering a civil union or becoming facebook official.

If you could do ANYTHING for your birthday, what would you do?
Gather all my friends and family and go to Seychelles (an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean) and eat Cinnamon gelato on the beach all day.

What’s on your birthday wishlist?
Flexible date plane tickets to Hawaii, Thailand, Israel, India, and Seychelles!   Any takers?!?

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