Give me a beat!

Sumi & Taryn teaching class. Photo by Michelle Pellizzon.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Summation Dance!

Taryn and I have been lucky enough to participate in the Modern Guest Artist Series at Dance New Amsterdam, teaching our Summation repertoire to packed rooms of amazing dancers! Being able to work with such highly trained artists outside of the company is a rare opportunity for us, and we are having a blast.

One of my favorite things about teaching class is having the freedom to use music that is FUN. We are trained, in our choreography, to choose our music wisely–shy away from the popular, use lyrics at your own risk, make sure it serves the artistic statement you are intending, etc. All good advice. But sometimes you just want to use music that makes you want to dance. your. ass. off. Start with some Fever Ray, throw in some Broken Bells, and bust a move to some LCD Soundsystem.

In class, we’ve been using material that the company has been rehearsing with, and it’s so refreshing to see the movement in a different setting, on different bodies, to a different sound. I can see the change in physicality that comes with a simple track change, and whether the dancers are aware or not, it’s visible. And it’s awesome.

Last class of the workshop is tomorrow… Sad to see it come, but what a great couple of weeks! A BIG thank you to all who came and sweat it out with us in this heat! We hope you had half as much fun as we did!!!

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