Happy Birthday Allie Lochary!

Little Allie!

Summation loves to celebrate anything and everything––especially birthdays!  Say Happy Birthday to our very own Allie Lochary who turned 24 on July 1.  Summation will be celebrating this Friday night after rehearsal at Poco Restaurant in the East Village!  The more the merrier, so please come and join the festivities.  I can promise that there will be treats.

Read on for some fun b-day stats on Ms. Lochary.


What are your plans for your 24th?
My parents are coming into town for my actual birthday, so we’re going to do some of those things you wouldn’t do unless your parents are in town like ride bikes through Central Park, walk the High Line, get some fancy cupcakes from Chelsea Market, and eat dinner at The Park in Meatpacking! The next Friday, post rehearsal, we’ll be heading to Poco on the Lower East Side to meet up with friends!

If you could do ANYTHING for your birthday, what would you do?
After catching a travel bug back in February my plan was to go to London to see one of my favorite bands, Mumford and Sons, play with Arcade Fire in Hyde Park. That plan has since become fantasy. But if I could do absolutely anything I would magically transport myself to Costa Rica and live in the rainforest with the monkeys…forever. Everyone is welcome.

What’s the best birthday you’ve had and why was it the best?
For my fifth birthday party my mom hung candy in the trees in our backyard and it was kind of like a scavenger hunt for me and my friends. I would totally be into that now. Scavenger hunts are awesome!

What’s the best present you have received?
I don’t know if this is the best present I’ve ever received, but it seemed pretty great to me at the time. I’ve always had an obsession with palm trees. During most of high school my family would be at the beach during my birthday for (gasp) dance competitions, so for my sixteenth birthday they bought me my own palm tree! It didn’t do so well.

What’s on your birthday wishlist?
Good times with good friends and family, perhaps a work-free day with a trip to Long Beach, and maybe that Michael Kors Chronograph Stainless Steel watch that I’ve had my eye on.

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