Happy Holidays from Summation!

Summation holiday shoot with David Andrako.

Summation Dance wants to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! Check out what our company members love about this time of year in our holiday Q & A.

*Wish list: leg warmers, gift certificate to Cafe Orlin, diamonds
*Favorite thing about the season: Christmas lights, eggnog, fire in the fireplace
*Favorite family tradition: My sister and I would make our parents wake up at 7 am because we were so excited to open our stocking stuffers from Santa.
*Favorite present: When I was four all I wanted was a cabbage patch doll. So my mom went to a sewing class and handmade me one!
*Wish list: fuzzy socks, lululemon pants (you can never own enough dance clothing), a new winter hat, hugs, and a Shiffon puppy (because I love dogs that look like aliens).
*Favorite thing about the season: family, a crackling fire, baking cookies, the general jolliness, and those stupidly wonderful Starbucks holiday cups (says the mainstream consumer in me. Come on, you know you love them too!)
*Favorite family tradition: Christmas Eve is just me and my parents. We play board games and sit by the fireplace. Christmas day is the big get together. Our meal is not traditional in comparison to that of most American homes. My aunt cooks a Korean feast complete with bulgogi (teriyaki beef), mandoo (pot stickers), rice, and other tasty side dishes.
*Favorite present from childhood: I had a pretty intense Polly Pockets obsession. I rarely played with Barbies, but my goodness I had so many Polly Pockets…I could make a whole neighborhood!
*How many pounds do you think you will gain this Christmas: Ideally, none. I plan on being snatched for our February show.
KelseySummation holiday shoot with David Andrako.
*Wish list: peppermint bark, Starbucks gift card, a fancy clutch for parties, and a personal masseuse to follow me around town
*Favorite thing about the season: jam-packing everything that is cliche “Christmas in NYC” into a 2 day holiday fest of giant trees, roasted nuts, holiday markets, and Christmas concerts.
*Favorite family tradition: receiving my own personal tin of homemade Swiss cookies from my grandmother
*Favorite present from childhood: Age 9, my aunt gave me and my sister each a giant box filled with crumpled newspaper… and at the bottom, a pin that said, “I’m going to Disney World!” — and yes, the pin spoke the truth.
*Pounds you think you will gain?: hopefully I’ll keep it under 1 lb per day…
*Wish list:Penthouse apartment, shopping spree/gift certificate to Free People, Urban Outfitters, or Anthrpologie (in order of preference), peace on Earth.
*Favorite thing about the season: That it becomes appropriate to sing Mariah Carey’s version of “All I Want for Christmas”
*Favorite Family Tradition: The daily trips to See’s candy with my sisters, and going to a movie on Christmas night!
*Favorite Present From Childhood: Trip to Japan.
*How Many Pounds Do You Think You Will Gain: One million.
*What is on your holiday wish list: Corporate Sponsorship, investor to purchase the big, beautiful empty space on Flatbush Ave. between Dean and Bergen (which also happens to be the block between my apartment and Sumi’s) for Summation Dance, flight to wherever we decide to go for Meryl’s spring break 2011, healthy and happy friends and family, Ashley Johnson and Katie Riffel come to Keep Your Feathers Dry and/or relocate to NYC permanently.
*What is your favorite thing about the season: smell of pine, Christmas cookies, my grandma’s house, Home Alone
*Favorite present from childhood: PJ Sparkles. My mom told me that Santa couldn’t afford PJ Sparkles, but it turned out that he could!
*How many pounds do you think you will gain this Christmas?  I can’t step foot in Wisconsin without gaining 5 pounds.  It doesn’t matter what I do to defend myself, they will come and they will conquer.
*Christmas wish list: For a Costume Designer/Fabric House/ Clothing Company to sponsor our BAC season, two sold out shows at BAC so we can add a Saturday matinee, Elasticon tape for my feet.
*Family Tradition: Christmas Eve at my Aunt Ba’s House with lots of food and lots of music!
*Favorite Childhood Gift: My first dog, Bijou.
*How much weight will I gain this holiday? Are we talking about me plus all my presents?
*Wish list: cookbook, yoga mat carrier, larger apartment, “Little Dorrit” (Dicken’s novel), a trip to someplace warm (and conversely some sun block, SPF 45 preferred)
*Favorite thing about the season: being with family and watching corny Christmas movies. “A Muppet’s Christmas Carol” is definitely high on the list.
*Family tradition:  the Christmas Day cheese ball.
*Favorite present from childhood:  a giant white bear stuffed animal that I got when I was 6. Name: big bear, for obvious reasons. It’s only 2 feet tall, but at the time, it was huge.
*Pounds: 0 pounds if I’m lucky, but it will probably be around 5 lbs.
*Holiday wish list: Flip Cam so I can record funny videos and dancey things, a million dollars, new comfy dance clothes, someone to fully sponsor a Summation Dance vacation to Costa Rica.
*Favorite thing about the season: Decorations, pretty lights, peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks, going home to North Carolina!
*Favorite family tradition: Every year we drive around our neighborhood and a few nearby to look at all the Christmas lights! Also every year my mom bakes a gingerbread house and my sister and I decorate it
*Favorite present from childhood: A trip to Hawaii with the family!
*How many pounds do you think you will gain this Christmas? None after I sweat out my Christmas feast(s) at Crunch! But maybe this should go under my wish list…
*Holiday List: a blender, a microwave…my apartment didn’t come with one, a puppy
*Season:  Going back home to California. The only time I really go home is for the holiday season.  I’m half Vietnamese so I crave authentic Vietnamese food when I’m in NYC.  Going home means delicious food I can never find here.
*Tradition:  Christmas Eve lottery.  My aunt puts different amounts of money into envelopes and we randomly draw numbers to see which envelope we get.
*Present: When I was 12 my dad surprised my cousin and I with front row Stomp tickets. I was a big tapper back in the day.
*Pounds: Hopefully none but probably enough for me not to get on a scale for awhile
*What is your favorite thing about the season: Snow! I never had it growing up in California.
*Favorite family tradition: At the beginning if December, my family gets together at my grandmother’s house and we pound sweet glutinous rice into mochi, or rice cakes. Sometimes they are plain, sometimes they are stuffed with sweet adzuki bean paste. They are supposed to bring good luck in the new year.
*How many pounds do you think you will gain this Christmas? Um, I’m going to deal with that later. (Denial.)

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