Cat DeAngelis, Fun

Tis’ the season…

Cat DeAngelis. Photo: David Andrako.

Hi, I am Cat, one of the newest members of Summation. I am an Italian-American from Rochester, NY. Unlike the city, we get a ton of snow up north. My adolescence can be summed up like this: snow angel, snow ski plow, snow shovel, snow ski bunny, snowbrush. I love snow!

I am coming up on my 4th Christmas here in the city and everyone is just sweeter and more cordial during this time of year. I woke up last week to a phone call from my boyfriend, Kyle. I did not make it to the phone on time but I did see he had left me a text message. One word…snow. I flung the curtain on my window open to reveal the beautiful billowing flakes diving down toward the ground.  It reminded me of some elaborate performance. Then I remember that no snowflake is the same as another, but yet they still fall together perfectly.

I know it sounds cheesy but that is how I feel about the ladies of SDC. I have been so lucky to get to know them over the past months and have found that I am obsessed with each one of them! Each dancer has an intoxicating and totally unique way of approaching the work. I am so lucky to be with this talented group of women. The energy we have together is hard to find…love you ladies!

Hope you’re enjoying the happy, holiday weather!


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