Q and A with Summation’s new dancers

If you’ve been following our blog, chances are you have been introduced to most of our new dancers. But how much do you really know about them? Check out a some fun facts about Kelsey, Erin, Cat, and Allie.

*Celebrity crush: Leonardo Dicaprio in his Romeo and Juliet phase.
*If I wasn’t a dancer: I would probably be a Political Philosophy Professor.
*One thing I can’t live without: Hair ties. I think I’ve used one every day since I was six.
*First thing I do in the morning: turn on Skype and say good morning to my boyfriend who has been doing research in Israel for the past seven months.
*Favorite yoga pose: Headstand. I can only do it half the time, so it’s always a little challenge.

*If I wasn’t a dancer: I would probably be working in food…cheese or baking.
*Celebrity crush: Baryshnikov. True story.
*One thing I can’t live without: Red lipstick
*First thing I do in the morning: Put whatever song I’m obsessed with on repeat. Currently, Sufjan Stevens, “I Walked.”
*Favorite food: French fries.
*Favorite place: Home, wherever that may be.

*If I wasn’t a dancer: I would be fashion editing.
*Celebrity crush: Jesse Eisenberg
*If I had a Saturday off: I would start off by heading into Manhattan from Bushwick with my AM crossword. Then meet up with my boyfriend, grab coffee, and stroll through Central Park.
*Last book I read: Pygmy by Chuck Palaniuk
*Favorite TV show: The Office
*Favorite month: September

*If I wasn’t a dancer: I used to want to be a writer and have my own dance magazine.
*Celebrity doppleganger: My sister tells me I look like Ashley Olsen. I don’t think that’s true though.
*One thing you can’t live without: Baby powder. Blondes will understand.
*Favorite Summation moment so far: I walked into my first rehearsal and there were treats. I knew it was a good fit.
*Favorite food: Chocolate. That counts, right?

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