Belated Holiday wishes!

The company during a recent photo shoot. Photo: Chloe Moore.

Happy belated Thanksgiving from Summation Dance! I’m Allie, one of the newest additions of SD. I am so thankful to have been welcomed into a company filled with such wonderful, entertaining, and talented women!

While we have taken a short week off from rehearsals, I have traveled home to North Carolina to be with my family during the holiday. It is so nice to see trees with colorful fall leaves-something seemingly nonexistent in NYC. Unfortunately for my mother, I am unlike Erin and not so talented in the kitchen. I am, however, enjoying the smell of a big turkey cooking in the oven downstairs. After this exceptional day of eating, I’ll have to continue getting into shape for our world premiere of “Keep Your Feathers Dry,” February 4, 5 at BAC!

We are working on the last 20 minute section of the evening, and I am loving the new movement. There are a lot of quick qualitative changes to play with, and the bound stillness in this section is going to be refreshing and juxtaposed to the rest of the evening. Stay tuned to hear more about the progression of the piece and all the other exciting winter festivities happening with SD! Happy Thanksgiving to all, and safe travels!


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