Classes, auditions, and new members!

Sumi Clements teaching class. Photo: Chloe Moore.

Hi Summation Dance followers!

Our blog is getting completely revamped. So please give us a little patience as things get working. A new addition to the blog is posts by our company members. I’ll get us started by explaining what we’ve been up to since our performances at Dance New Amsterdam.

After two successful performances, Sumi and I taught at DNA as part of their Modern Guest Artist Series for two weeks in October.  It was fun to meet so many new people and inspiring to teach so many talented dancers!  The classes also served as an informal audition, as we were looking for three new dancers for our world premiere of Keep Your Feathers Dry on February 3-5 at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

We had over 75 interested dancers, making the selection process quite arduous, as we wanted to work with so many more than three. Sumi and I want to sincerely thank all of the beautiful women who came to class! This is our first project and there will be many to come, so please keep in touch.

With that said, please welcome Kelsey Berry, Cat De Angelis, Allie Lochary, and Erin Okayama to the cast of Keep Your Feathers Dry!  Their information will be added to the website soon, so keep checking back to learn more about our newest members.


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