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Here’s lookin’ at you 2015

The celebration of a New Year is recognized as closing of one door and opening another.   Well, in in this new 2015 Summation Dance is planning on opening many doors and keeping all the others open.  And we could not be more excited for what’s behind each and everyone one. This January we are holding

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Putting the FUN in Fundraising!

Last week, Summation Dance officially launched their 3rd season with a lively soiree and fundraiser at Art Gate Gallery with over 100 friends and fans of the company.  The evening could not have been better. (Although, we did miss our friends who could not attend!) The weather was perfect—we watched the sunset from the back patio of

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Rest & Relaxation!

Ahoy! Happy hot and sweaty mid-July in the city! Summation is going strong, working on our next piece and fundraising to self-produce two performances this year.  If you are reading this blog, and you haven’t donated to our upcoming projects yet, please consider doing so today by clicking here!  (Just had to get that in while I had

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London leaves us smiling

Our dear friend and collaborator, London O’Donnell, has been working on a fabulous project that we’re super excited about. After graduation, London began traveling, bringing Sponsor a Smile to cities around the world. Her goal is to get answers to the simple question, “What makes you smile?” London plays her own version of “Pay It

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