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That One High Shoulder

THAT ONE HIGH SHOULDER By Julie McMillan As a dancer, I sometimes get the question:  “have you had many injuries?”  All dancers have had them – and some continue to plague them well after they’ve happened.  I’ve been fairly lucky.  A foot injury in college left me on crutches for a couple of weeks, but

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Welcome Meg and Tenaya!

Get to Know Meg! Where are you from? I am from Keene, New Hampshire. Although its certainly not an exciting, cosmopolitan place, its dear to my heart because of its natural beauty and the strong New England values it instilled in me. Growing up, I learned the importance of frugality, self-sufficiency and hardiness, things that

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Putting the FUN in Fundraising!

Last week, Summation Dance officially launched their 3rd season with a lively soiree and fundraiser at Art Gate Gallery with over 100 friends and fans of the company.  The evening could not have been better. (Although, we did miss our friends who could not attend!) The weather was perfect—we watched the sunset from the back patio of

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Happy Birthday Kelsey & Taryn!

This Friday, Summation will be celebrating Kelsey and Taryn’s birthdays at Phebe’s at 10:30pm.  Come join us for the festivities!  Otherwise, read on to learn some fun birthday trivia about Summation’s two Virgos. KELSEY What are your plans for your 23rd? First and foremost: figure out a plan to stop aging. 23 is a good

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Happy Birthday Allie Lochary!

Summation loves to celebrate anything and everything––especially birthdays!  Say Happy Birthday to our very own Allie Lochary who turned 24 on July 1.  Summation will be celebrating this Friday night after rehearsal at Poco Restaurant in the East Village!  The more the merrier, so please come and join the festivities.  I can promise that there will be

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