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The Bathrobe Poet’s Response to Highway HabitUS!

i smoke kali yuga kush when i hold, as kids are admonished by 9th ward mothers, i instructed, samoan and oakland balack “hold the weed in your lung you can’t just blow it out so fast” sat waiting exhale red tide on bad november days close cross boundary as veil punctures, then apart again upon

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HabitUS Queries to Ponder

A few weeks back, we asked you, our trusted friends and supporters, to send us a question or two that you would like to ask your fellow Americans. We wanted to poll our audience to see what was interesting to those following this project. The response we got was wonderfully thoughtful and enthusiastic – thank you to

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Summation Dance Project HighwayHabitUS Press Release

Tuesday, September 5 – Sumi Clements and Taryn Vander Hoop, Co-Founders of Summation Dance, officially announced Project Highway HabitUS, a multi-phased project aimed at studying how geography shapes ideology, both political and cultural. Habitus – a sociological system aimed at understanding why individuals perceive the world as they do, and how this, in turn, informs their

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And at the Top of a Hill… Inspiration.

Any artist is not required or expected to give an information on the inspiration, meaning, or story behind a piece of art.  But sometimes, the story is just too great to stay behind closed doors… And so, here we have it.  A peak behind the inspiration to Summation’s latest and evening length work, At the Hour.

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So Rad.

Colorado got some major Summation fever this month as Sumi traveled west to participate in Boulders Jazz Dance Workshop!  This annual workshop is a pre-professional intensive comprised of professional dancers and choreographers active in dance communities from cities all around the country! And this intensive was jam PACKED full of dance activities! In just 2-5 weeks Sumi spent

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