To JP and Beyond!

Well, our debut at Jacob’s Pillow was damn near magical.  It was short, sweet and compleeeetely uplifting.  Summation was selected to perform in Jacob’s Pillows Inside/Out Festival, a 10-week long event featuring free performances from dance companies of all varieties and backgrounds.  And Summation was BEYOND honored to kick the summer off!

vGFmxF_wEmIbCpfYhTTS2_YiVm6s6j-YT_WsBVI31H0The back drop wasn’t half bad either…

The setting is one of the things that makes this show so special.  The performances are held on the historical outdoor stage overlooking the beautiful mountains in Becket, Massachusetts.  The beauty and energy simply cannot be matched by any other venue.


“When there was this moment of stillness in ‘Shift’ we were standing upstage looking back seeing the view beyond the stage, and it was all trees, with the breeze and the birds chirping… it was just perfect.”


This performance also came with some reflection.  Having the opportunity to perform on the Jacob’s Pillow stage is something that, arguably, every dance company would revel in the chance to be a part of.  It has been a mecca for so many artists that have made an impact in dance over the years and we are so grateful to be a part of all that history.


” The first time seeing and being on the Inside/Out stage, is amazing because you’ve read all about it and seen pictures of it your whole life. It really was like a dream…”

Still radiating from the performance, we are taking all of this positive energy with us as we prepare for our biggest performance yet in September at BAM!  Be on the look out for some sneak peeks from our new piece we will be premiereing on our Facebook page! It’s full speed ahead from here!!

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