Behind the Camera…

Our dancers are the face and heart of Summation Dance.  There is no doubt about that.  They pump passion, energy, and breath into every movement.  It is this very thing that moves us, captivates us, and keeps us coming back to experience this power again and again. But of course, with every good working heart, there must be a strong foundation.  And we would like to introduce a small piece of that backbone…

Meet Team Wolff & Wu!

Mary Wolff has been with Summation for a little over a year and a half.  She started out as an intern, because Taryn and Sumi were finding that they needed a little more outside help (and because Summation was BLOWIN’ UP the scene!) This year she proudly accepted the role as Director of Development!  She’s Sumi & Taryn right hand mama, prepping emails, sending applications, doing social media, and helping write grants.  Oh, and writing blogs too 😉

10530829_10103954039060907_5690122989543787709_nOur newest member to the Summation family is Melissa Wu!  She is a rock star media aficionado and is here to do Summations social media and kick it up a notch! She’ll be videoing and capturing Summation as we continue to celebrate our 5th Anniversary year and prepare for our biggest performance yet at BAM in September!!


But together, this power team will join forces to get the word out for all that is awesome about Summation (and well, there’s a lot of that).  So next time you’re at a Summation event make sure to say a little hello to the ones behind the scenes too!

And speaking of… The dancers of Summation are prepping, primping, movin’, groovin’, and sweating as they prepare for their debut at Jacob’s Pillow’s Inside/Out Festival this weekend!  Jacob’s Pillow is one of the most well-known dance performance spaces in the world and we are so honored to have been asked to perform opening week of their summer season! Stay tuned for full details on how it went in next weeks blog and follow live action with #summationJP! 

Go get ’em ladies.




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